Mission and Approach

A backup solution to protect your high value process and infrastructure

SolutionLock is an infrastructural safety net that supports business continuity for integrated operations provided by third party service providers in case of catastrophic events to your current data connection system. Without a backup solution, the loss in productivity during a transition to another communication system would be significant. SolutionLock was born from the need for financial institutions to take a proactive approach in protecting their current and future business assets.

Developed with the latest web service technologies, SolutionLock is a fully functioning two way data communication system between financial institutions and their third party service providers. SolutionLock is the ideal partner to safeguard operations to ensure seamless data transfers even during unexpected events to the existing data processing schema.

What We Do

A secure and validated data communication system

SolutionLock facilitates seamless assignment data flow from financial institutions to service providers through validated web service connections. The data relationships between the two parties are maintained and mapped by SolutionLock to ensure critical data is captured and available even during unanticipated events.


Key Features

Highly reliable solution that supports and maintains data connections

Perform rapid data transfers and quick requests via web service methods and functions to capture key data elements


Transfer information between you and your service providers without any data storage, reducing data risk and extensive security reviews


Verify the communication process through quarterly validations to ensure successful data delivery, correct data updates, and secure connections


Recreate vendor data communication to maintain compliance for external and internal regulations


Flexible web service connections to critical business processes

SolutionLock web services are built by industry experts that understand your business and the high value data that is critical to your system processes. The web service connections are flexible and can be customized to fit your business needs and perform all the necessary data actions between you and your service providers. Web service methods are reviewed quarterly through data update validations to demonstration reliable data connections and transfers.